“As a busy single mother and small business owner, stress is not uncommon. So when I find the time to relax and take a moment for me, a visit to Dr. Dollase is my constant pathway to relief… mind, body and spirit.”
Carolyn Norman

“When I first visited Dr. Dollase I could barely walk due to my back pain and body-wide inflexibility. Dr. Dollase’s treatment which included spinal re-alignment and flexibility exercises I was able to regain normal movement and walk without pain. Dr. Dollase developed a treatment plan which has become part of my daily routine.”
John A. Budny

“I have been seeing Dr. Dollase for 2 years. At that time I was on a path of immobility if I didn’t make changes. Dr. Dollase has educated me on healthy stretching and strengthening my my back. I am much more flexible now than I was and I don’t have nearly the pain I did. I can now tell when my spine is out of adjustment and I go to see Dr Dollase. She is amazing.”
Carol Kent

“I met Dr Dollase having severe back pain and leg pain. I have been meeting with Dr Dollase for the past month and her treatment and exercise has vastly improved the pain. She is extremely caring for her patients and would highly recommend her.”