“I have had 2 adjustments so far with Dr. Dollase. The results have been incredible! My back is aches-free and I feel so much more flexible. I had one ear crack for about 4 years after having my wisdom teeth removed and I had no idea it could ever be fixed, let alone with a chiropractor visit but after our first visit, I noticed it hadn’t cracked in 24 hours! I let her know when I went for the next visit and she said “I can fix that for you” she pulled my ear a certain way and now my ear hasn’t popped in a week. She is incredible, professional, and kind-hearted with one in a million spiritual energy that fills the room. I had gone expecting to just have an adjustment but left with so much more. Highly recommend!! You will leave the place feeling relaxed, comfortable, and energized.”
-Alla, Google

“I had some serious neck spasms, to the point that the pain was unbearable, and could barely turn my head without being in pain… After my first alignment session, the pain was reduced by 50% the next day! I couldn’t believe it. And just after 5 visits, not only did the pain get reduced by 95%, my neck was more flexible than before the pain started! I highly recommend Dr. Dollase. She’s very experienced, understands each person’s condition, and will work with you until you’re fully recovered.”
-David Thiele, Google

“We love Dr. Dollase. She has such great energy. We have been sharing office space with her since May and have referred many of our patients to her. We hear that everyone really likes her technique and patients are getting results they haven’t gotten with other Chiropractors. I use her for my chiropractic care as well and couldn’t agree more!”
-Brandi C., Google

“Truly kind and caring with years of experience. Great office for chiropractic care!”
-Kimberly B., Google

“I should have paid Dr. Dollase a visit way sooner than I did! I’d been living in constant back and leg pain daily. Nothing was comfortable and I was extremely stiff. After my first visit and adjustment with her, my entire world has changed. I could literally breathe better. I feel like I’m a new person! I’ve had a few adjustments since and am really beyond glad she was placed in my path! I absolutely would recommend at least going to speak with her if you’re on the fence. Take action! You’ll thank yourself right away.”
-Luis V., Google

“This is by far the best experience I have ever had with a chiropractor. Dr. Dollase is incredibly knowledgeable and has a way of making people feel comfortable and relaxed. I have been experiencing chronic back pain for what feels like all of my life and have tried going to several different chiropractors and family doctors with few results to show. After a recent injury, my fiance finally convinced me to give chiropractic medicine another try and we found Dr. Dollase. She has helped ease the pain, given me the knowledge and tools I need to minimize the pain and manage my symptoms, and has renewed my faith in chiropractors.”
-K.K., Google

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